Pavo Real Ring Cadiz Silver Curved Polished


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Pavo Real Ring Cadiz - Silver Curved Polished

This elegant and stylish ring is made by hand of high quality, allergy-friendly stainless steel. Its surface and the inside are polished. It's gloss surface is produced by the elaborate PVD coating process. This guarantees a long-lasting, durable and high-quality finish. 

Depending on your mood or outfit, you can restyle your ring again and again, with a selection of from the Original Noosa Amsterdam Chunks. 



52/16.6/ L 1/2 / 6.1

54/ 17.2 N / 6.8

56/ 17.8 P /7.6

58/ 18.5 Q 1/2/ 8.4

60/ 19.1 S /9.1

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