NOOSA Wabi Sabi Serenity Bracelet


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Wabi Sabi
Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay and death.
It's simple, slow and uncluttered - and it reveres authenticity above all.
It celebrates cracks, crevices and all other marks that time weather and loving us leave behind

Colors: Denim, Light grey
Sizes: S /M
Chunk® position(s): 3
Leather: 100% cow leather.
Closure: 2 NOOSA Amsterdam press buttons 
Extra branding: 2 symbol studs
Special features: painted + scratched surface
Country of Origin: Netherlands

Length: S = 22 cm / M = 23,8 cm
Width: 2 cm at centre
Thickness: approx. 2 mm
Inner size: Indication: S = 15.5 - 17 cm / M = 17 – 18.5 cm
Closure: Noosa-Amsterdam press buttons

Please Note: Sold without Chunk

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