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Merchants of Change Basic Black T-Shirt


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They say it takes a Village to raise a child, but it only takes one person to raise a village. Our ethically made t-shirts directly help a small community in the Bebetin Village, providing employment and empowering women to change their future from poverty to prosperity.  100 T-shirts will feed a family for a year, thank you for your support!

Basic Cotton T-shirt with scooped hemline, a staple for the wardrobe

Size Measurements

                          XSmall | Small | Medium | Large | XLarge

Bust                   47cm | 49cm | 51cm | 53cm | 55cm

Length               49cm | 50cm | 51cm | 51cm | 53cm

Length at Back  70cm | 71cm | 72cm | 73cm | 77cm


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