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"Our wares are sourced from around the globe based on giving back and the good they do."

The Merchants of Change philosophy comprises of 3 simple yet powerful words:

People, Planet, Purpose

We wanted to be a part of making a positive difference to our world and with these words as our mission, we believe we can truly become merchants of change. 

We are three passionate women who care about the world our kids will grow up in and wanted to provide an avenue for conscious purchasing.  It all started when we collaborated with the Toms brand of shoes, who for every shoe sold, they give one to a child in need.   We got to thinking there must be more products out there that are giving back and making a difference and so our search began.

The Merchants of Change stores enable us to share these brands with you and what they're doing for communities and the environment.  We source our wares from around the world, based purely on the good the organisations and their products do. Every product we source tells a story.  Whether it is providing shoes and meals to children in need or creating employment to break the cycle of poverty, you can be assured that every purchase contributes to a greater social or environmental good.

By bringing these products together in one retail space, consumers can make an informed choice and make a positive difference, whilst having access to some amazing and unique creations.

Pop in to your nearest store or visit us online and you too can contribute to the greater good!

Emma, Sia and Jennifer x


Why the Flamingo, you ask?

A lot of us know how challenging (and fun) it is to start a new business. There are so many things that need to be considered. The list seems endless… and it keeps getting bigger!

One of the many challenges is to design a logo that resonates with what you are trying to achieve. We wanted something fun… something quirky… and also something that can help us to tell our story.

We chose the flamingo because some of these birds’ traits include treading lightly on the earth and wasting little. But, hey, our flamingo is also a little different. He’s an individual (yep, he is a boy). He stands out from the crowd and he’s pretty unique (not the traditional pink flamingo), but in a ‘belonging’ kind of way!

He makes you think twice – and he also makes you feel good.


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