Mud Jeans

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world?

Neither did we! 

The people behind MUD Jeans believe you can only enjoy this life in the full awareness that our next generations can enjoy this world in the same way. That’s why they're providing a new way of consuming whereby there is no such thing as waste! With MUD you can wear your jeans until you’re ready to ditch and switch them. They recycle them for you. Always be up-to-date. Guilt-free. 

The starting point of their designs is recycling. Your worn out jeans are sent to factories, are shredded and mixed with new organic cotton.  A new spun yarn containing recycled denim is created and new products are manufactured. They reuse the fabrics and make them useful again - recycling at its best! There are no leather labels but printed logo’s and on their knits are buttons made out of recycled cotton. No polybags are used in packing and hangtags are made out of recycled paper.  An added value is that this circular process promotes job creation in the fields of recycling and remanufacturing.

MUD Jeans allows customers to shop guilt free whilst doing something good for the environment. The company has won several awards, such as the Sustainability Leadership Award and the Peta Vegan Awards. MUD Jeans is the only brand that works completely according to the principles of the circular economy.

To find out more about the brand and the good they're doing visit MUD Jeans

Jennifer Lenne
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