memobottle (Why we LOVE them!)

As you may or may not be aware we always strive to ensure that we are stocking the most ethical brands we can find across a variety of categories, and after you read this blog I am sure you will agree that memobottle certainly are ethical and just as importantly a sustainable brand.

We are proud to stock such an amazing brand leaving such a beautiful print on the the world!

The vision of Memo Bottle is to inspire a more reusable world through everyday conscious design.  They are creating a powerful movement for a more sustainable world - it’s going to be an incredibly exciting journey ahead.  They have provided over 6 million days of clean water to those in need, and prevented the consumption of approximately 80 million single-use bottles. And they are only just getting started.

There International Design Award winning products are head turners and conversation starters. They are sold in some of the most renowned and respected stores in the world, and are endorsed by millions.  They re imagined the humble water bottle to always fit - in your bag, and in your life. memobottle's disruptive flat and lightweight design makes it more convenient to carry your own water on the go.

Growing up in a small coastal town south of Melbourne the co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt saw first hand the devastating effect that single use plastic water bottles were having on our oceans and environment, an issue not unique to Australia.

Human convenience is often the catalyst for environmental harm. they understood to lead a social movement, and break the populations dependence on single-use drink bottles, a truly convenient, beautiful alternative needed to be created.

The memobottle™ is a premium, reusable, flat water bottle designed to fit where other bottles don’t. In your bag alongside computers, books and valuables. Every element of the memobottle™ has been carefully considered, from its innovative shape to the premium grade packaging.

memobottle™ aims to challenge how we as a society think about water consumption, and to educate about the environmental costs of our modern conveniences.

Every memobottle™ sold provides one person with two months' access to clean water.

Memobottle™ is a proud supporter of, a not-for-profit organisation that works in developing nations to provide clean drinking water to those in need. has empowered over 10 million people with access to safe water and sanitation.

The path to breaking the poverty cycle starts at access to safe water. Together with, memobottle™ has provided over 6 million days of clean drinking water to people in need. memobottle™ is a member of the B Corp movement

At memobottle™ they seem to understand that we’re a part of something bigger. We have a responsibility to use our potential
to solve the social and environmental challenges facing humanity.


We are thrilled to stock this amazing brand and absolutely love the products they are producing, so visit our online store to see the great range.


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