Melissa Shoes

Iconic global vegan footwear brand Melissa stands for individuality, comfort, great style and eco-friendliness. Its hallmark jelly shoes are made of plastic that is 100% recyclable.

Melissa are not your average vegan shoe. They are an ultra-stylish shoe for both women and children that come infused with the scent of bubble gum.

Sustainable development is the cornerstone of the Melissa brand and its key to their economic development. Melissa believes in the need to protect natural resources for future generations in order to create a harmony within business, society and the environment. Its sustainability efforts focus on factory production processes that minimize damage to the environment. Melissa products are created from mono-materials which can be easily disassembled and recycled. All solid, liquid and gas residues from the production process are dealt with in-house and do not leave the factory without being properly treated. Melissa firmly adheres to its zero waste policy. Its jelly shoes are 100% recyclable, and all overstock styles are recycled into the next season’s collections.

Sustainable development cannot be achieved without valuing one's employees. Melissa recognizes that its employees are an important asset to the company, thereby ensuring that their welfare is well taken care of, paying wages and offering benefits that are above the industry average. 

Jennifer Lenne
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