Jinta Sport

The Jinta Sport brand has been created to not only offer consumers high quality, well priced sports gear but also to help create a positive change in the world

Jinta Sports are an accredited Fairtrade sports brand.  The purchase of Jinta Sports products is guaranteed to be produced without child labour and the workers involved in the production are treated with dignity and paid wages.

Their Fairtrade premiums are used to benefit the communities that they are working with. In Pakistan where the sports balls are made and in India where the sportswear is made, the priority for the workers is to fund educational programs for their children.

It’s not just children and adults in Pakistan and India who benefit from the purchase of products from the Jinta range: purchasing products from the Jinta range helps fund sports programs managed by the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation on a number of remote communities in Northern Australia.

The brand name Jinta is a Warlpiri (Australian Aboriginal tribe based in the Northern Territory) word which means ‘one’ and is generally used to mean ‘winner’. The word is also used in the Warlpiri phrase ‘Jinta-ku-marrarni’, which means coming together, such as playing a game. The name suits because the Warlpiri community use sports to bring the kids together in meaningful activity.

Emma Goodwin
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