"We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.  Our mission is to provide for children now so that they can better provide for themselves in the future."

To date HALF UNITED has donated nearly 500,000 meals to children in need!  They publish monthly-meals-provided on their website for all to see. For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, you give 7 meals to a child in need. Food is just the beginning. Though HALF UNITED strictly focuses on hunger-alleviation, they strategically partner with organizations which also work hard to also empower, educate, and inspire the children they feed. They are currently partnered with organizations in Fiji, Cambodia, Haiti and the USA. 

Presently they also work with a "Giving Task Force."  Ther GTF is made up of community and business leaders which meet with the HALF UNITED staff monthly to discuss the growth and sustainability of HALF UNITED's giving initiatives. As a collective they push HALF UNITED's mission forward and find ways to constantly improve how they are helping those in need. Their current projects include expanding feeding efforts in Haiti, starting a new community garden at the first Wilmington, NC all-girls charter school, helping their Fijian partners become more sustainable, and working with the HALF UNITED UNCW Campus Club to get the word out about the HALF UNITED brand on their University campus and in the Wilmington, NC community.

They consider their retail partners, customers, and supporters their friends and heros! Without their support the mission could not exist, and it could not thrive.


Emma Goodwin
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